Through providing high qHình 1uality dance education, AMPA Education aims to create a national movement of Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Healthy Soul to all children in Vietnam!

“Let’s Dance Vietnam” is an after-school program promoting the joy of dancing and its health benefits to students, inspired by the breakthrough campaign “Let’s Move!” developed by America’s Former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Due to the rising popularity of Commercial Hip-Hop, the program focuses on providing high quality instructors to teach Commercial Hip-Hop classes in international after-school programs across HCMC.

Children need to be active and ENJOY being active. We believe this can be achieved through learning Commercial Hip-Hop as part of the children’s after-school program. An exciting and important aspect of learning Commercial Hip-Hop through AMPA Education is the opportunity for each school to create its unique Dance Crew and be able to perform at school and city-wide events, showcasing their passion and talent.

The Commercial Hip-Hop program has been designed based on the syllabi of one of the world’s most reputable performing arts examination boards – The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). With this globally recognised curriculum, students will enjoy the dance moves in a ‘safe-dance practice’ environment,  as well as obtain international certifications during their learning progress.

“What a child learns in a dance class goes beyond simple steps and sequences. ThHình Teresae self discipline of the mind and body, interaction with peers and teachers and poise are qualities that will make them a better adult on all fronts, as well as giving them the chance to express themselves through a perfect art form.” – Teresa Hall, Fellow of the ISTD (Tutor and Assessor).


Course Description

The Commercial Hip Hop course provides a standardized form of learning to what is commonly known as “Street Dance”. The course will facilitate students in learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance, musicality and expression. The energetic dance of Hip Hop will encourage and promote a child’s active involvement in learning dance in a fun and creative environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. The Commercial Hip-Hop subject for younger/beginner students will introduce Hip-Hop music and dance to gain awareness regarding rhythm, body awareness and social interaction through dance.
  2. The curriculum for older/intermediate and advanced students seeks to develop the skills, techniques and understanding of dance knowledge through the subject of Commercial Hip Hop.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate proper dance posture and techniques
Understand dance terminology
Exhibit proper body awareness & movement positioning
Enhance performance quality and showmanship
Undertake ISTD Graded Examinations

Age (5 – 8) Age (9 – 15) Age (16 – above)
Beginner Beginner Beginner
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced Advanced

“I’m a strong believer that engaging in the performing arts will develop a well-rounded individual, Alexfrom their mind, to their body and in turn, nurture their soul. International dance standardizations will lay the fundamental foundations so that a child will enhance their academic pursuits as well as strengthen their extra-circular agendas. A child’s world is their stage and performing arts is their tool to endure and succeed in life.” – Alexander Tu, ISTD Specialist (Vietnam).


Through each term, students will undertake the well-designed curriculum to learn the fundamentals of Commercial Hip-Hop AND create a Hip-Hop routine which will be performed at Let’s Dance Vietnam Prom 2017 in December 2017.

Let’s Dance Vietnam Dance Prom will include Hip-Hop performances from international schools across HCMC. This is a time for all students to come together from varying schools to celebrate their passion and love of dance, and to build a community of performing arts in Vietnam.

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