Sue Passmore (2013) monoAMPA Education is the exclusive representative of ISTD in Vietnam. We facilitate the development of local ISTD exam centers, as well as overseeing examinations and certifications. AMPA Education is also a supplier of ISTD curricula and syllabi, including Imperial Classical Ballet, Commercial Street Dance (Hip-Hop), Dance Sport and Modern Jazz Dance. AMPA Education also provides teacher training for teachers of performing arts which leads to internationally recognized teaching qualifications.

“The ISTD is proud to be part of the development of sound, safe teaching and artistry at AMPA. The focus and enthusiasm within the Management and Staff is inspiring and since our visit to Vietnam in 2016 an additional trust and commitment is in place enabling the ISTD to play a significant role in the development of an emerging status for Dance in Vietnam. We were inspired by the potential for sharing good practice with AMPA and would like to invest in making new friends in the Far East through our shared language of DANCE. The ISTD uniquely offers Eleven Specialist Faculties all of which are potentially inspiring and beneficial internationally.

I am confident that our collaboration with AMPA will produce exceptional results for the next generation of Vietnamese Examiners, Teachers, Choreographers, who will gain the confidence and expertise in order to achieve excellent ISTD examination results.

The qualifications that this Examination Board delivers are internationally recognised and we uniquely provide a process that is essential in safe teaching of dance at any age but particularly focused on our enthusiastic younger generation. It is clear that there are positive outcomes for continued collaboration and we must continue to generate our shared future vision.”  Mrs. Sue Passmore, Chairman of the ISTD

What is ISTD?

Founded in 1904, The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examination boards with the widest range of genres available. From ballet to ballroom, ISTD covers the full spectrum of dance genres:
Cecchetti Classical Ballet – Classical Greek – Classical Indian Dance – Imperial Ballet – Modern Theatre – National Dance – Tap Dance – Club Dance – Disco / Freestyle / Rock ‘n’ Roll (DFR) including Commercial Hip Hop – Latin American – Modern Ballroom – Sequence.

For more than 110 years, ISTD has provided training for dance teachers and examiners, enabling them to enter their students for examinations, develop new techniques and celebrate the joy of dance.

The ISTD’s Mission

As a registered educational institution, the ISTD’s mission is to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms, to promote knowledge of dance, to provide up-to-date techniques for their members, and to maintain and improve teaching standards.

ISTD supports and trains teachers and members through a wide variety of courses, summer schools, congresses and updated teaching syllabi.


Global recognition – the ISTD provides an internationally accredited, formal assessment every year on a global basis.

Choice and flexibility – the ISTD offers the widest range of examinations across 12 different dance genres in the world.

Syllabi with the latest techniques – the syllabi of ISTD is constantly updated. ISTD publishes numerous books of value to teachers and students in all faculties of the ISTD.

Accreditation and Recognition

The ISTD has more than 7,500 members in more than 75 countries around the world and conducts roughly 250,000 assessments every year on a global basis.
The ISTD has been offering experienced teachers two highly regarded, internationally recognized advanced level teaching qualifications for many years. The ISTD’s Licentiate and Fellowship build on the skills learned in the initial teacher training qualifications combined with the knowledge and experience that come with practice as a teaching practitioner.


This qualification builds on the skills learned in the DDE (Diploma in Dance Education), CDE (Certificate in Dance Education), the Associate Diploma for Theatre Dance teachers or the Associate for Dance Sport teachers. It assists in furthering a teacher in both syllabus knowledge and teaching skill.


This is the highest teaching qualification offered by the ISTD, further building on the skills and experience gained through the Licentiate qualification. You are therefore expected to show a depth and breadth of technical knowledge and artistry as well as a high standard of teaching.