ABC English & Me

Introduce very young children to English through stories, songs, music, play, and total physical response (TPR). Kindermusik offers monthly theme-based units, preparing children to understand and respond to basic English-language learning. From learning English phrases for interacting with others, to building their vocabulary around common child-friendly topics such as the playground, farm animals, and daily routines, ABC English & Me will prepare children for Kindermusik more musically based ABC Music & Me curricula, where the fun and learning continue with music and movement.

Kindermusik’s English classes for kids build learning into a fun environment through social interaction and group play, making it fun and engaging to learn English. With over 5,000 Kindermusik Educators in over 70 countries, Kindermusik brings English language learning to families across the globe. See some examples of ABC English & Me classes in action.

Experiences from ABC English & Me class for kids:

English songs and stories. To help children learn best, Kindermusik uses common child-friendly topics such as the playground, farm animals, and vocabulary that they will use in daily routines. This helps children relate to the topics and learn English in a hand-on environment.

Instrument play and music. ABC English & Me teaches English with music activities scientifically shown to stimulate language learning.

Standards-based lessons. For early English Language Learners, Kindermusik’s curriculum aligns with the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). For families wanting to teach English as a Second Language to their children (ESL for kids) introducing English through music is a great way to start.