Dear Candidates and our Valued Partners, 

Due to the current situation of the global Covid-19 Pandemic in which the majority of the contestants are unable to complete live assessment (part 2), Trinity College London Examination Board has launched a new digitalalternative.  

All candidates wishing to enter for Trinity Classical assessments can now submit a video recording of their work via personal email account. This includes all grades, from Initial to Grade 8, and performance diplomas (excluding FTCL)  


Step 1: A filmed performance of your pieces, uploaded to a portal created by Trinity and marked remotely by an examiner. The candidates will receive feedback and marks on each piece using the same assessment criteria as for a graded music exam or performance diploma. 

Step 2: Trinity will calculate your overall examination result, based on the marks given for your pieces. You will then be awarded your regulated qualification. 

Note: This type of assessment is only available this year. Due to different levels of social distancing, Trinity College Examination Board will accept instrumental performance videos without accompanists. 

For more information, please follow these links: 

  1. Notice of Trinity Online music exam + Parental consent form (PDF file attached)
  2. Preparation before filming and the necessary equipment
  3. Scoring method:


For registration and payment with AMPA Education: June 30, 2020. 

For performance video submission: July 31, 2020 (July 17 2020 if candidates require UCAS points) 

Download our Frequently asked questions (PDF file attached)

AMPA Education is pleased to support our partners and candidates so that we can successfully complete this year’s examination. For further related announcements, please follow our Fanpage and keep your eye on our AMPA Education website: