“A Little Love” Programme

Music training program at Anh Sang shelter:

Anh Sang Shelter is currently taking care of 25 boys who are orphans or experiencing difficulty in their family situations. Besides academic programs, the kids are also provided with vocational training to help them integrate into society.

AMPA Education is proud to deliver music classes in piano, guitar and vocal during the weekends for the boys. We believe this support will enhance the development of the body, mind and soul, which will help open up a brighter future for these underprivileged children.

“My Secret Santa” event:

“My Secret Santa” is an annual event held by AMPA Education during the Christmas season. To bring a warm Christmas to less-advantaged children in orphanages/shelters, AMPA Education delivers useful educational gifts beautifully wrapped in colourful gift boxes.

In 2018, we brought a big surprise and sweet memory to the kids at Binh Trieu Shelter, as this was the first time some of the kids received gifts at Christmas.

AMPA Education wishes to continue this tradition to deliver even more meaningful gift boxes to less-fortunate children every Christmas season.

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