About Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO)

Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra is a member of the nonprofit organization Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education), with the aim to nurture Classical music and performing arts in Vietnam. With a professional team made up of local and international artists, (SPO) aims to become one of the symbols of culture and arts in Ho Chi Minh City. SPO welcomes international artists to bring their skills and talents to showcase in our community. SPO also plays a vital role in developing the next generation of musicians by guiding and nurturing these young talents in a professional environment. We envisage outreach activities and facilitate the community, especially youths and young adults, to access to art performances and be inspired by the power of music.

About Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO)

Including music students from 18-25, Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO) is established with the aim of training the young generation of musicians through classical performances with Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra. SPYO hopes to provide opportunities for young music students to showcase their talents and passion, in order to introduce what may be commonly known as a “hard to access” genre closer to the community.

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